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Kolkata Kachchi Biryani

Relish an artisanal dish that calls for impeccable timing and lose yourself in absolute nirvana as you dig your way through layers of marinated meat and saffron-enriched basmati rice flavoured with hand-picked spices and cooked from raw in Kachchi style so that all the flavours stay packed in your plate.

Small Bucket- Serves 3 (Chicken 3pc)
Large Bucket- Serves 5-6 (Chicken 5pc)
All our Biryanis are served with a portion of Egg Salan


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Introducing a biryani that’s flavourful, sumptuous and simply irresistible. Because special occasions like Diwali and Bhaiphota deserve a special treat.

Mahi Tikka Masala

Cubes of pure bhetki, marinated in our own tikka spice mix, are first grilled in the tandoor, then cooked in red tomato-based gravy.

Murgh Peshwari Kebab

These soft and juicy chicken kebabs, made with tangy and spicy Peshwari masala are a treat for your taste buds.

Gosht Bhatti Tandoor

Juicy, on-the-bone mutton pieces marinated in our house special tandoori masala and grilled to smoky perfection in the tandoor – a favourite of meat lovers.

Paneer Sufiyana Tikka Kebab

A delicate dish of paneer cubes marinated in tikka spices with a Sufiyana twist, then grilled in the tandoor.

Mughlai Gosht Champ

This legendary preparation of small-cut mutton pieces slow-cooked for hours in rich and spicy gravy is a MUST TRY.

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