BIRYANISHK, previously known as The Biryani Company, began its journey of producing the most authentic Biryani and Mughlai delicacies nearly 8 years ago.

The journey began with Dr Saugata Banerjee, former Professor, International Management Consultant and Corporate Chief Executive, whose vision was simple: “It should be food that my family and I would love to eat without having to worry about its effect on our health!” Thus, being the passionate epicurean that he is, he engaged Master Chefs across India to create a delectable menu without using any artificial or harmful ingredients.

It is experiential dining with a regal ambience and delicious food that takes you back in time. Only superior quality meat, superfine long-grain rice, most select whole spices, real saffron, sunflower oil and desi ghee are used. Dalda and artificial colours or flavourings are strictly banned from our imperial kitchens! Our signature Kebabs and Saalans bring alive the recipes of royal Bawarchikhanas that would otherwise be lost in time.

Winner of the Times Hospitality Icons Award, 2019, Biryanishk was earlier available mainly as Home Delivery. Now, we have launched 2 Royal Dining restaurants in Mudiali and Patuli. The decor is imperial and classy, the food is mouth-watering and the service is regal—stepping inside Biryanishk is a transformational experience that will take you back to the days of the Nawabs!


Premium Quality


100% ECO Ingredients


Wood-burned Grill


Creative Menu